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Evaluation Board & IP Core MIPI D-PHY FMC Card


MIPI FMC Connectivity mezzanine card is designed to provide to two 4lane MIPI ports which support D-PHY(CSI-2/DSI)standard with the connection between FMC (LPC) connector. PHY device: Meticom MC20901 MC2092

Product specifications and features

・MIPI CSI-2 Receiver PHY Device Meticom MC20901
・MIPI DSI Transmitter PHY Device Meticom MC20902
・FMC LPC Main Connector Samtec ASP-134604-01
・MIPI Connectors Samtec LSHM-120-01-F-DH-A-N-K-TR

Order information

Product Model Number TB-FMCL-MIPI
Deliverables MIPI FMC card
OV13850, OV13855, or OV13858 sensor module or DSI display or both (options)
CSI adapter card or DSI adapter card or both (options)
Reference designs available based on Northwest Logic’s MIPI IP core

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