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Evaluation Board & IP Core 8Lane V-by-One HS LVDS FMC Card


The 8Lane V-by-One HS LVDS card is a board that converts the FMC connector (High-Pin Count) manufactured by Samtec and the FI-R Series connector manufactured by JAE, and supports the V-by-One HS transmission of THine Electronics, Inc. Although JAE-manufactured FI-RE51S-VF is installed, if you want to achieve 16LANE by using the V-by-one HS protocol, you can provide boards that have been changed to FI-RE41S-VF mounting, depending on the configuration of the opposing devices. It is intended for connection to a platform board containing High-Pin Count connectors.

Product specifications and features

Clock Can be clocked from IDT ICS849N202I to Xilinx FPGA transceivers
Power supply Power supply can be switched by jumper switch

Order information

Product Model Number TB-FMCH-VBY1-AD
Deliverables 8Lane V-by-One HS LVDS FMC Cards
FMC connector fixing set
Cabling for V-by-One HS 51pin
Cabling for LVDS 41pin

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