2. ISO9001 Quality Management System

About TED America

TEDAI Quality Objectives

Management Philosophy:

To create and propose new technologies and values in each field in North America, and to contribute to the enhancement of corporate value of customers worldwide and the TED Group.

We establish the TEDAI Quality Objectives in order to provide peace of mind and earn the trust of all our stakeholders. The establishment and operation of a systematic and effective quality management system is an indispensable theme in order to realize our management philosophy and to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

1. To clearly set goals for improving customer satisfaction and service quality, and to implement an effective quality management system through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles to achieve these goals

2. Ensure compliance with requirements applicable to our quality management system, including customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and requirements of stakeholders including HQ

3. Continuously improve our quality management system through regular internal audits, management review activities and corrective actions.

Oct 15th 2022
Tokyo Electron Device America, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer
Yasuhiro Hamano

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