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  • Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO

    HAKO-FLO will contribute to solve various pain points and improve the efficiency of the warehousing operations.

    Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO
    ・RFID:Get information about cargosinstantly
    ・LIDAR:Measure the size of cargosautomatically
    ・Eye:AI detect and let you knowvacant space to store cargos on the shelves
    ・Tracking:Track the condition andlocation of cargos fromreceipt to shipment (Under development)
    ・Cloud:Any data about cargos will be stored and shared (Under development)
  • Technology Research Service

    We offer on-demand market and technology research services in Silicon Valley, covering a wide range of tech industries including cybersecurity, AI, IoT, and cloud computing. We accelerate customer`s innovations and discoveries in leading edge technology space.

    Technology Research Service
    ・Vendor matching services, by leveraging our strong network in various venture capitals, startups, consulting companies in the US
    ・Market & product analysis reporting services (Both in English & Japanese)
    ・Technology evaluation reporting services (Both in English & Japanese)
    ・Onsite proof-of-concept support using our research lab in Silicon Valley
  • Breach Risk Minimization

    With the rapid growth of IoT and BYOD, the number of IT assets managed by companies continues to increase, and the attack methods for these diverse systems are becoming more complex. Balbix uses specialized AI algorithms to discover and analyze the enterprise attack surface to give a 100x more accurate view of breach risk.

    Breach Risk Minimization
    ・Automatic Asset inventory
    ・Real time and continuous discovery, with natural language search
    ・IT, IoT and OT
    ・Cloud Security

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