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Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO

Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO

This service manages five tasks which are “measurement”, “inspection”, “inventory management”, “stock taking”, and “documentation” with dedicated software provided in the cloud or on-premises. Logistics is a labor-intensive industry and there is a lot of manual works in the process. HAKO-FLO will contribute to automate the process and make it efficient in the warehouse and lead to appropriate staffing and reduce the labor cost ultimately.

In addition, those services can be used partially by linking with existing WMS and arrange the best optimal combination for each customer.

HAKO-FLO will contribute to solve various pain points and improve the efficiency of the warehousing operations.




  • Comprehensive solution
    Provide solutions from inbound to outbound to solve pain points that existing WMS cannot provide
  • Semi-custom proposal
    Propose semi-custom solution based on the detail consulting to generate an operational advantage
  • Start with a small investment
    All-inclusive subscription service

Service contents

  • RFID: Get information about cargo instantly
  • LIDAR: Measure the size of cargo automatically
  • Eye: AI detect and let you know vacant space to store cargo on the shelves
  • Tracking: Track the condition and location of cargo from receipt to shipment (Under development)
  • Cloud: Any data about cargo will be stored and shared (Under development)


Use Case

■Shorten the time of acceptance inspection, stock taking, and inventory location

【Best solution for those problems】

  • Taking long time for inspection and stock taking
  • Inventory quantity is not accurate due to infrequent stock taking
  • Cargos are not in the place where it should be or take time to find
  • Cannot manage assets such as returnable containers




Automatic measurement & Automatic box suggestion

【Best solution for those problems】

  • Taking long time to measure box size manually
  • Taking long time to measure large cargos
  • Taking long time to find the best size boxes for packaging.




■Real-Time space detection, Improve patrol inspection

【Best solution for those problems】

  • Taking long time to find empty space in the shelves for accepting incoming inventory
  • Space is not used effectively
  • Need to improve work efficiency for patrol operation around the warehouse



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Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO
Warehouse Automation Service HAKO-FLO

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