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The first step to improve productivity and prevent machine downtime by utilizing IoT starts with monitoring by sensors to recognize the current status. To select the appropriate sensors is the key to success for your ultimate goals.

  • IoT Sensors

    Sensors are one of the important devices for IoT systems, but difficult to select the appropriate ones for specific applications. We provide assistance in selecting the appropriate sensors from our partners to develop or utilize IoT systems. Let us know what you want to measure and we will give you practical and understandable advice.

    IoT Sensors Product appearance
    ・Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Sensors
    ・USB Type Environmental Sensor
    ・BAG type Environmental Sensor
    ・Deep Body Temperature Sensor


In IoT, various solutions are deployed starting from data. Therefore, the perspective of how to carry the raw data generated on-site or at the edge is important. In the initial introduction, stable and inexpensive communication technology is required to solve problems such as, wiring cost, communication volume in terms of operation, battery replacement and equipment maintenance work.

  • Cassia Networks BLE Gateway

    Cassia Networks’ long-range Bluetooth technology solutions provide today’s leading enterprises with new Bluetooth IoT applications. The long-range Bluetooth with one-to-many connectivity, Cassia’s patented award-winning technology is driving innovation in IoT’s emerging markets: Industrial IoT (IIoT), Digital Health, Personnel & Asset Tracking as well as Smart Campus.

    Cassia Networks BLE Gateway Product appearance
    ・E1000 : long-range Bluetooth Edge router supports third-party applications and connects up to 40 end devices in bi-directional mode.
    ・S2000 : Ideal for indoor enterprise environments. Cost-effective long-range Bluetooth networking and connectivity for up to 20 end devices in bi-directional mode and hundreds of end devices in listening only mode.
    ・X1000 : long-range Bluetooth router for indoor and outdoor Bluetooth IoT deployments

Cloud Service

IT infrastructure that efficiently processes the huge amount of data is needed more than ever. The highly reliable IT infrastructure, which can greatly reduce the IT investment cost and the burden of system construction and operation is one of the most important element for your IoT.

  • BLE Device Management Service

    IoT device management is essential to keep IoT systems operational, but connecting and managing hundreds of IoT devices is a complex and time-consuming task. The BLE Device Management Cloud (DMC) enables connection of proprietary Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to multiple Cassia E1000 long-range routers without requiring any programming.

    BLE Device Management Service GATT Access Web UI
    ・BLE Device Management Cloud
    ・GATT Access
    ・Compatible Sensors
    ・Cassia Long-Range Routers

Data analysis

In order to generate a program that determines the state of the device, it is necessary to analyze the time series data from the vibration and sound of the device, sensors, etc. and create a discrimination model, but as long as you have specialized knowledge such as a data scientist. There is a shortage of human resources, and there are major challenges in terms of technology and cost which needs to be solved.

  • CX-W Quick outlier detection software

    CX-W is an AI-powered embedded software for anomaly detection and prediction. CX-W runs on edge equipment with Windows/Linux OS, and provides ability to train data, inference, and output diagnostics with contexts. Abnormal data sets are not required to start with. CX-W automatically trains correlation between every monitored variables and criteria, then quantifies criticality of each alerts. This enables OT operators to detect anomalies which could not be detected by traditional conventional threshold detection methods.

    CX-W Quick outlier detection software
    ・ Automatic change monitoring by learning operating data
    ・ Threshold generation from both numerical distribution and correlation
    ・ Device can be incorporated and integrated.

Image processing

In the logistics industry, the current situation is that the incoming inspection and cargo locationing must rely on the human eye. “Visual inspection using AI” and “Free location using Camera” is attracting attention as one of the solutions to those problems. The image processing solutions not only improve the accuracy of the inspection and locationing itself, but also save labor and enhance added value for companies.

  • Warehouse Management System

    Free location management is a method to store products in vacant locations in the warehouse for reducing waste space. In order to store products efficiently, it’s a key to associate the location with the goods each time they are placed. We offer the solutions to detect vacant places and guide you to the free space to save operation time in the warehouse. Let the IT power contribute to build the most efficient working environment !

    Warehouse Management System
    ・Keep track on the changes of inventory quantity at each location by AI technology and Image Processing
    ・Shelf can be used efficiently because goods are stored in the empty space.
    ・Since it is difficult to manage inventory by using Excel or manual registration, we introduce a cloud-based inventory management system
  • Freight Measurement System

    Regardless of the size of your warehouse, tracking packages, recording the dimensions and reporting damages of your incoming cargo can be a cumbersome task that can also impact on productivity. With our freight measurement system in place, you can benefit from improved efficiency as well as reduced costs. We contribute to streamline your cargo receiving process by IT measurement system.

    Freight Measurement System
    ・Reduce incoming cargo operation time and the burden on workers
    ・Generate damage report automatically and send it out by email
    ・Link to your existing control system and analyze each cargo damages to improve logistics quality
    ・Storage measurement data and pictures to the cloud for the logistics evidence

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