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  • ACDC Quattro Kintex UltraScale Development Platform

    Welcome to Quattro! Quattro is a Kintex UltraScale-based development platform featuring four (4) HPC FMC ports. This development platform is targeted at video, defense and aerospace, and communications applications. Each FMC port features 10 transceivers (GTH’s), and plenty of general purpose LVDS or single ended connections.

    ACDC Quattro Kintex UltraScale Development Platform Product appearance
    ・Device : Kintex UltraScale XCKU115-2FFVA1517
    ・Interface : FMC×4 , Onboard Zynq for system management and processing, SFP+ interface, General purpose LEDs and switches
    ・Memory: 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 2,400Mbps
  • 8K4K Image Evaluation Platform

    An evaluation board equipped with Xilinx Kintex UltraScale 115 FPGA. HDMI2. By combining with a video FMC interface card such as 0/DiplayPort1 2/12G-SDI, an 8K4K evaluation environment can be easily constructed.

    8K4K Image Evaluation Platform Product appearance
    ・Equipped with 20nm Kintex UltraScale FPGA Series
    ・Equipped with two 64-bit DDR4 SDRAM (2400Mbps) for high-bandwidth data buffering
    ・Equipped with seven FMC connectors, various combinations of I/Fs are possible.
    ・Four SFP+ sockets can be installed to support a wide-band system requiring transmission range. (KU115 FPGA version only)
  • HDMI 2.0 FMC Card

    HDMI2.0 FMC card is sinked according to HDMI2 0 standard and is designed with 1 channel for each source. It can input and output 4K2K@60p.

    HDMI 2.0 FMC Card Product appearance
    ・HDMI2. 4K2K@60p input/output
    ・Sink, source 1 channel each
    ・Used in conjunction with Xilinx HDMI IP
  • HDMI 2.1 FMC Card

    This product is an FMC card ideal for testing HDMI Specification 2 1 compatible with FRL and TMDS.

    HDMI 2.1 FMC Card Product appearance
    ・1ch of Sink, 1ch of source
  • 12G-SDI FMC Card

    The 12G-SDI FMC card is equipped with a 1-input, 1-output, and 3-input/output (switchable) 75-ohm HD-BNC connector between the FMC (HPC) connectors.

    12G-SDI FMC Card Product appearance
    ・ 75 Ω HD-BNC connectors: 1 input, 1 output, 3 input/output (switchable)
    ・ Sync signal input 1 input
    ・ One more 12G-SDI board can be connected to the expansion connector.
    ・ Clock: Video clock generator 148. 5MHz and 148.35165MHz
  • DisplayPort 1.2 FMC Card

    DisplayPort 1.2 FMC Cards are Texas Instruments's DisplayPort driver and DisplayPort interface boards equipped with the company's PLL.

    DisplayPort 1.2 FMC Card Product appearance
    ・ DisplayPort 1. Compatible with two standards, 4K2K@60p can be input/output.
    ・ 1ch per Sink/Source
    ・ Used in conjunction with Xilinx DisplayPort IP
  • DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card

    The DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card is the perfect FMC Card for evaluating DisplayPort Standard Version1 4. Supports 4 lanes: 1.62Gbps, 2. 7Gbps 5. 4Gbps, 8. 1Gbps.

    DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card Product appearance
    ・DisplayPort Driver IC: Texas Instruments, SN65DP141RLJR
    ・DisplayPort Retimer IC: Megachips MCDP6000B0 (Board part number: TB-FMCH-VF​MC-DP-1.0.​00)​
    ・Megachips MCDP6000C1 (Board part number: TB-FMCH-VF​MC-DP-1.1.​00)​
    ・FMC connector: Samtec, ASP-134488-01

    This Meticom-based MIPI FMC is designed to empower both SoC developers as well as system designers and experimenters.
    The TB-FMCL-MIPI supports a 4-lane RX interface as well as a 4-lane TX interface. The simple LPC pinout, and support for a wide-range of VADJ voltages, helps to ensure that this card will be compatible with a large number of off-the-shelf carrier cards.

    MIPI D-PHY FMC Card Product appearance
    ・MIPI FMC card
    ・OV13850, OV13855, or OV13858 sensor module or DSI display or both (options)
    ・CSI adapter card or DSI adapter card or both (options)
    ・Reference designs available based on Northwest Logic's MIPI IP core

    This two port MIPI FMC helps you pick the right peripherals for your next mobile device. It does not have the D-PHY devices and provides two separate 4-lane MIPI ports to a pair of 40-pin sockets located in the FMC I/O Window.
    Each port presents five MIPI lanes (4 data plus clock) with direct, non-translated or isolated connections to FPGA SelectIO pairs provided at the FMC connector.

    MIPI-DIRECT FMC Card Product appearance
    ・MIPI FMC card
    ・OV13855, OV13855 or OV13858 sensor module or DSI display or both are available (options)
    ・Reference designs available
  • 8Lane V-by-One HS LVDS FMC Card

    This board converts FMC connectors (High-Pin Count) manufactured by Samtec and FI-R series connectors manufactured by JAE, and supports V-by-One HS transmission by THine Electronics, Inc.

    8Lane V-by-One HS LVDS FMC Card Product appearance
    FMC-card compatible with V-by-One HS 8Lane
  • Gigabit Ethernet & USB3.0 FMC Card

    This board is an FMC card for evaluating Gigabit Ethernet and USB3 0. Gigabit Etherne is equipped with 2 channels and is ideal for evaluating the 802.3. USB30 is also a board with chips that support Cypress's USB SuperSpeed Peripherals. Samtec's FMC connector, Gigabit Ethernet connector, and USB 3.0 TYPE-B connector are used, and it is assumed that the connector will be connected to inrevium assessment board for FMC equipped with Low-Pin Count connector.

    Gigabit Ethernet & USB3.0 FMC Card Product appearance
    ・ Optimized for LAN communication and evaluation of USB3 0
    ・ 2ch Gigabit Ethernet, 1ch USB3.0
    ・ Gigabit Ethernet can operate independently for each channel
    ・ Mezzanine card HPC compatible
  • V-by-One HS IP Core

    V-by-One® HS is a standard developed by THine Electronics, Inc. to meet the needs of flat-panel display markets that require higher frame rates and higher resolutions than ever before. Using V-by-One HS IP cores for Xilinx FPGA provided by Tokyo Electron Devices, we are able to significantly reduce the number of cables in the device, the cost of developing it, and the time required for developing it.

    V-by-One HS IP Core
    • Optimal for high-speed video signal transmission in equipment
    • Transmission rate of up to 3.75Gbps (effective rate: 3Gbps) per data lane
    • Reducing EMI by Scrambling and Clock Data Recovery (CDR)
    • Clock-to-Data Skew Problems in Conventional Transmission Systems Resolved by CDR
  • Time of Flight Camera

    TOF(Time Of Flight) Not only as a module for quickly testing distance measurement technology, but also through design services (subcontracted development) to meet customer specifications and requirements, standard modules can be customized to support mass production and supply.

    Time of Flight Camera Product appearance
    Can be customized using a camera module equipped with a ranging sensor using TOF range measurement technology and a design service
  • High-speed projector DynaFlash

    Using Texas Instruments DLP® DMDs (Digital Micromirror Device) and a high-brightness LED light source, high frame rates are achieved with high-speed control circuitry through proprietary FPGA. In addition, with a unique communication interface, the delay from image generation to projection can be reduced to a minimum of 3ms by mounting a circuit to transfer images at high speed on a computer.

    High-speed projector DynaFlash Product appearance
    ・Single-plate DLP® system projector with 1000 fps, 8-bit gradation and 3ms projection latency
    ・Enabling high-speed vision display allows technological expansion from static systems to dynamic systems
    ・Applicable to dynamic projection mapping, real-time 3-D shape recognition, augmented reality, etc.
    ・Product developed based on joint research with the Ishikawa Seio Research Laboratory of the University of Tokyo
  • Incubation Program for Startups and IP Vendors

    Why don’t you collaborate with us for innovations ? We are looking for startups and IP vendors who are actively working on FPGA-based IP development or FPGA-based hardware development. We have been offering FPGA based evaluation platforms and design service since 1985 and now want to expand the business more by collaborating with the innovators.

    Incubation Program for Startups and IP Vendors
    We will lend various evaluation hardware for innovators who are working on:
    -Video compression, video processing and IP video transport
    -3D sensing, depth sensing and volumetric capture
    ※In-house review will be conducted before applying the program

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