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LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment

LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment

LT and LN wafers are mainly used for SAW devices in wireless communication terminals like smartphones. These devices act as crucial filters to prevent noise and interference during voice and data communication. With increasing production and size scaling, the demand for SAW devices is expected to rise, highlighting the growing importance of automated appearance inspection. Click here for the Japanease site


・Final inspection of LT/LN wafers
・Inspection after grinding
・Inspection after polishing

Candidate Introduction Inspection Process

Candidate Introduction Inspection Process

Target Defects

Surface:Scratch, particles, color unevenness, cracks, chipping, dirt, cleaning marks, polishing marks, grinding marks


Back Surface:Scratch, cracks, dirt

Edge:Chipping, cracks, dirt


High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Inspection

Dedicated line sensor camera and specialized light source for high-speed scanning and defect extraction of LT/LN wafers up to 200mm. Accurate inspection is possible even on highly transparent wafers without being affected by the inspection stage.

Advanced Defect Classification

Automatic classification of typical defects on the surface and backside of LT/LN wafers.

Inspection of Both Front and Back Sides with a Single Unit

Multi-inspection of front surface, back surface, and edge surface with a single unit.

Optimization of Parameters

Optimization of parameters tailored to the criteria of good wafers to suppress undetected and over-detected target defects.

Color Variation Detection

It is possible to perform selection based on the degree of variation such as color variation and quantification of the variation.


Item Detail
Supported Wafer Size 150mm/200mm
Supported Wafers LT/LN Wafer
Inspection Sensitivity Surface:0.3um<  ※PSL on Si wafer
Throughput 30-90 seconds per wafer
*Varies depending on inspection requirements.
Load Port / Cassette Capacity Min2 ~ Max4(12inch)
Min2~Max 10 (8inch)
Other Functions Aligner, ID reader, GEM-compliant

Sample Evaluation

For customers who would like to use this inspection system to check surface conditions or defects, it is possible to borrow a sample of the workpiece to be inspected and carry out a preliminary evaluation using a demonstration machine. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Wafers



LT, LN Wafers
LT and LN wafers are single-crystal oxide wafers, referring to Lithium Tantalate and Lithium Niobate, respectively. These wafers can be grown via the Czochralski method (Cz method) and are suitable for mass production, similar to silicon wafers. Additionally, processing of these wafers can be performed using methods similar to those used for silicon.


SAW Devices
SAW devices, short for Surface Acoustic Wave devices, are essential high-frequency filters used in wireless communication terminals such as smartphones. These devices consist of electrodes and reflection patterns formed on piezoelectric crystal substrates. They allow for the selective extraction of electrical signals at specific frequencies.


Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Wafers

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LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment

LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment
LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment LT/LN Wafer Defect Inspection Equipment

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