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HDMI 2.1 FMC Card

HDMI 2.1 FMC Card Product appearance

This product is an FMC card ideal for testing HDMI Specification 2 1 compatible with FRL and TMDS. 1ch of Sink, sorce is supported. In addition, we can also consult with our design service for customization of sink/source compatible 2ch each.

Product specifications and features

■ Main components

Xiinx’s HDMI2 1 IP-core documents will be released after being released to the public.

Order information

Product Model Number TB-FMCH-VFMC-HDMI
Deliverables HDMI 2.1 FMC card
Remarks It is intended to use Xilinx’s HDM2.1 IP cores and reference designs.
For reference design and IP-core questions, please contact Xilinx and your FPGA dealer.

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Collaborate to Innovate! We are looking for startups and IP vendors that are actively working on FPGA-based IP development or FPGA-based hardware development. We will provide various resources to incubate your business. For more information, visit the Collaborate to Innovate special website.

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Product appearance

HDMI 2.1 FMC Card Product appearance
HDMI 2.1 FMC Card Product appearance

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