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DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card

DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card Product appearance

The DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card is ideal for the DisplayPort Standard Version1 4 rating environment. It has an IF of 1 channel for sink and source. It uses MegaChips MCDP6000 for the sink side and TI’s SN65DP141 for the source side, and supports 4 lanes of 1.62Gbps, 2. 7Gbps 5. 4Gbps, and 8. 1Gbps. In addition, we can customize the sink/source for each 2ch by our design service.

Product specifications and features

DisplayPort drivers Texas Instruments, SN65DP141RLJR
DisplayPort retimer Megachips MCDP6000B0 (Board part number: TB-FMCH-VFMC-DP-1.0.00)
Megachips MCDP6000C1 (Board part number: TB-FMCH-VFMC-DP-1.1.00)
DisplayPort connector Molex, 47272-0001

Order information

Product Model Number TB-FMCH-VFMC-DP
Deliverables DisplayPort1.4 FMC Card
Screw/Spacer Set
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DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card Product appearance
DisplayPort 1.4 FMC Card Product appearance

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