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SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System

SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System

Wide bandgap semiconductors, including SiC, are crucial for power semiconductor control, offering higher efficiency than traditional Si semiconductors and facilitating Green Transformation (GX). As demand surges, especially for EV power control, we’re advancing to 8-inch production. Our enhanced wafer appearance inspection equipment, originally developed for Si, now benefits SiC, aiding in solving customer challenges. Click here for the Japanease site

・SiC wafer, SiC epitaxial wafer final visual inspection
・SiC wafer manufacturing process inspection
・Inspection after lapping and grinding
・Inspection after polishing

Candidate Introduction Inspection Process

Candidate Introduction Inspection Process

Target Defects

Surface:Scratches, cracks, dimples, chipping, protrusions, particles, dirt, color unevenness, polishing marks, grinding marks

Epitaxial Surface:Slip, haze, micro-pipe, bpd, downfall, carrot, step bunching

Internal:Carbon inclusion, polytype

Back Surface:Scratches, dirt

Edge:Chipping, cracks, dirt.


High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Inspection

Whole wafer high-speed scanning and defect extraction using dedicated line sensor cameras specialized for SiC inspection.

Advanced Defect Classification

High-precision defect classification for SiC-specific defects, including Internal defects and surface defects caused by processing.

Color Variation Detection

Detection of surface color variations (polytype defects) that were difficult to detect with conventional inspection equipment.

Inspection of Both Front and Back Sides

Capable of multi-inspection for front surface, back surface, and edge surface with a single unit.

Inspection Time Reduction

Minimization of setup time with specifications for multiple cassettes (up to 10 MAX) and compatibility with 6-inch and 8-inch wafers.


Item Detail
Supported Wafer Size 200 / 300mm
Supported Wafers Silicon Wafer, Silicon Epitaxial Wafer
Inspection Sensitivity Surface:0.3um<  ※PSL on Si wafer
Throughput 30-90 seconds per wafer
*Varies depending on inspection requirements.
Load Port / Cassette Capacity Min2~Max 10 (6,8 inch cassette compatible)
Other Functions Aligner, ID reader, GEM-compliant

Sample Evaluation

For customers who would like to use this inspection system to check surface conditions or defects, it is possible to borrow a sample of the workpiece to be inspected and carry out a preliminary evaluation using a demonstration machine. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Wafers



Wide Bandgap Semiconducto
A semiconductor made from materials with much wider energy band gaps than traditional silicon semiconductors. Due to this wide band gap, wide bandgap semiconductors are suitable for use in high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-frequency environments, enabling efficient power conversion and low energy loss.


Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a semiconductor material composed of silicon and carbon, known for its stability at high temperatures and voltages, as well as its high thermal conductivity. It is being increasingly used in various industries such as power conversion devices, electric vehicle drive systems, and applications requiring high durability. SiC contributes to improving energy efficiency and is considered essential for future technological innovations.


Power Semiconductor
Semiconductor devices used for power conversion and control, handling high voltage and large current.


Green Transformation (GX)
The process by which economies and societies transition to environmentally friendly and sustainable forms, gaining attention as a means to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Wafers

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SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System

SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System
SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System SiC Wafer Defect Inspection System

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