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12G-SDI FMC Card

12G-SDI FMC Card Product appearance

The 12GSDI FMC card implements a 75-ohm HD-BNC connector with one input, one output, and three inputs and outputs (switchable) between the FMC (HPC) connectors, and two types of on-board clocks (148. 5MHz and 148.3516MHz) are available as reference clocks.

Product specifications and features

SDI video reclocker MACOM M23145G
SDI cable driver MACOM M23428G
SDI Cable Equalizer/Reclock MACOM M23554G
SDI connector Samtec HDBNC-J-P-GN-RA-BH1
Video sync separator Texas Instruments LMH1981
Video clock generator Texas Instruments LMH1983

Order information

Product Model Number TB-FMCH-12GSDI
Deliverables 12-GSDI FMC cards
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Product appearance

12G-SDI FMC Card Product appearance
12G-SDI FMC Card Product appearance

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