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IoT service [Image processing]

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Free location management is a method to store products in vacant locations in the warehouse for reducing waste space. In order to store products efficiently, it’s a key to associate the location with the goods each time they are placed. We offer the solutions to detect vacant places and guide you to the free space to save operation time in the warehouse. Let the IT power contribute to build the most efficient working environment !

System Feature

This system detects the empty shelf and notifies the operator of the empty status based on image processing information on the shelf taken by the camera.

System Configuration
System Configuration

※ The image processing equipment installed on the shelf is driven by POE power supply, eliminating the need for power work on each shelf, allowing the installation to be relatively easy.

Benefits of the system

Work efficiency can be greatly improved because workers can go directly to the vacant space without searching for an empty space on the shelf.

The shelf utilization report which is analyzed based on accumulated vacant space data would be useful for your shelf layout optimization and staffing plan.

Use case

Storage work in the free location type warehouse

※ Installation image
Installation image
※ Display image
Display image

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Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System

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