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Evaluation Board & IP Core Incubation Program for Startups and IP Vendors


Collaborate to Innovate! We are looking for startups and IP vendors that are actively working on FPGA-based IP development or FPGA-based hardware development. FPGA based technology is the key that enables high-performance computing and artificial intelligence which are used for various applications such as video processing, scientific simulation and autonomous driving. We have been offering FPGA based evaluation platforms and design service since 1985 and now want to expand the business more by collaborating with the innovators.


We are interested in collaborating with innovators who are working on:

-Video compression, video processing and IP video transport
-3D sensing, depth sensing and volumetric capture

Please contact us if you are interested in this program !!


With the program, we will lend:
-Various evaluation hardware such as FPGA evaluation boards, FMC interface cards
-Testing equipments and cables
※In-house review will be conducted before applying the program

We also provide:
-Design knowledge and technical support to evaluate IPs and systems
-Engineering resource to develop peripherals and interfaces to evaluate and demonstrate IPs
-Custom board development and manufacturing in our factory
-Sales and marketing support to expand your business overseas especially in Japan


You will be able to:
-Accelerate your IP development by offloading peripheral/interface development
-Evaluate and demonstrate your IP quickly and less costly
-Get feedback from the market promptly
-Have ability to produce hundreds of thousands of custom hardware
-Expand your business quickly

Contact us if you are interested in the program.

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Incubation Program for Startups and IP Vendors

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