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We will establish a cooperative system with Canadian equity partner FIDUS SYTEM, INC., Newtouch Electronics Co, Ltd., a Chinese developer in Shanghai for joint development of in-house product development, joint product development, design, and mass production outsourcing services, and expand the provision of enhanced services globally.

Global Design service Network

About Fidus Systems,Inc

We offer in-house developed products, jointly developed products, design/mass production services and consulting services in a wide range of fields, mainly in the North American region. We are particularly strong in developing high-speed and complex designs, and provide superior services such as hardware, FPGA, signal integrity, and embedded software. Since our foundation, we have been involved in more than 1000 projects for approximately 300 customers, and we have earned a high level of trust in the North American region as a specialized design services company.

Provided service list

Provided service list

We also offer Fidus System,Inc's original FMC card.

Fidus System,Inc's original FMC card.
FSF-AD8200A 8-Channel, 185Msps 14-bit,
JESD204B Analog-to-Digital Converter FMC

Fidus Systems,Inc

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