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Power electronics-related design service


We provide one-stop services from prototype production to mass production to support in response to customer specifications and requirements.
We possess all power conversion (AC-DC-DC-AC) technicals, and can handle up to 25kW.

What is power electronics-related consigned development?

This is a technical field for quick and efficient conversion of direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), frequency, etc. of electricity.
We focus on this field and work on elemental research, product and consigned development.
We possess all power conversion (AC-DC-DC-AC) techniques.

power electronics-related consigned development

Available specification range

Section Function Input voltage Output voltage Electric current Electric power Remarks
1 DC/DC 650V 380V 200A 25kW
2 AC/DC 380Vac(3-phase) 380Vdc 38A AC 25kW
3 DC/AC 380Vdc 200Vac(3-phase) 38A AC 13kW
4 LED drive 24Vdc 80Vdc 0.5A 1.2kW Multi-system support
5 Motor control 700Vdc - 600Arms 150kW ※1
6 Charging Controller 300V(BT) 380V 100A(BT) 25kW
7 Utility Interactive Inverter 380VDC 380VAC(3-phase) 38A AC 25kW
8 PV/Wind Converter 650V(PV) 380V 39A(PV) 25kW
Section Function Input voltage Power element
rated voltage※2
Power element
rated current※2
CMTI Remarks
9 Gate drive board 15V 1,200V 100A 100kV/us
  • ※ The above figures indicate typical maximum values.
  • ※1
    Development system that includes our development subcontractors
  • ※2
    Adaptable power element rating

Development of System Power Sources for Renewable Energy

This system conducts conditioning of solar and wind power generation power through storage batteries, enabling in-house consumption in the factory or sales of electricity through grid-connected systems.

■Sample system configuration

  • Digital power supply
  • DC-DC converters for photovoltaic power generation
  • AC-DC converters for wind power generation
  • Grid-connected DC-AC inverters
  • Storage battery charge controller

■Advantages of development

Can flexibly respond to diverse power source developments by possessing all power conversion (ACOOBDCOOBDCOOBAC) techniques

Development of System Power Sources for Renewable Energy

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Outsourced development using deep ultraviolet LED

The system power supply and LED module for deep ultraviolet LED can be developed.
As a replacement for mercury lamps, harmless deep UV LEDs are expected in a variety of applications.

■Sample system configuration

  • LED Modules (Water-cooled, Air-cooled)
  • System power
    ーACDC converters
    ーMulti-system constant current circuit
    ーLED high-precision constant current variable control
    ーLED status monitoring and logging
    ーProtection functions (LED open, LED short, LED overvoltage, overheat, etc.)
    ーHigh-layer communication I/F (PC/PLC)
    ーSupporting multiple systems through parallel use of equipment

■Advantages of development

Flexibly adapts to a wide range of specifications

Deep ultraviolet LED Drive Device

Example of functional block

■Expected applications

  • Equipment using ultraviolet mercury lamps
  • Clean water and sewage treatment facilities
  • Medical equipment
  • Impurity inspection equipment
  • Food sterilization
  • Removal of semiconductor manufacturing equipment contamination

■Example of development

This is an example of system power supply and LED module development for deep ultraviolet LED, for which system development was carried out for plants.
Flexibly accommodate a variety of specifications.

an example of system power supply and LED module development for deep ultraviolet LED

We handle deep ultraviolet LEDs as an authorized agent of Nikkiso Giken. Nikkiso Giken Co., Ltd. mass-produces deep ultraviolet LEDs with excellent luminous efficiency and a long life, and provides deep ultraviolet LEDs with industry-leading performance and quality.

Nikkiso Giken Co., Ltd. "Deep Ultraviolet LED"

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