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In IoT, various solutions are deployed starting from data. Therefore, the perspective of how to carry the raw data generated on-site or at the edge is important. In the initial introduction, stable and inexpensive communication technology is required to solve problems such as, wiring cost, communication volume in terms of operation, battery replacement and equipment maintenance work.

  • Cassia Networks BLE Gateway

    Cassia Networks’ long-range Bluetooth technology solutions provide today’s leading enterprises with new Bluetooth IoT applications. The long-range Bluetooth with one-to-many connectivity, Cassia’s patented award-winning technology is driving innovation in IoT’s emerging markets: Industrial IoT (IIoT), Digital Health, Personnel & Asset Tracking as well as Smart Campus.

    Cassia Networks BLE Gateway Product appearance
    ・E1000 : long-range Bluetooth Edge router supports third-party applications and connects up to 40 end devices in bi-directional mode.
    ・S2000 : Ideal for indoor enterprise environments. Cost-effective long-range Bluetooth networking and connectivity for up to 20 end devices in bi-directional mode and hundreds of end devices in listening only mode.
    ・X1000 : long-range Bluetooth router for indoor and outdoor Bluetooth IoT deployments

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